January 19th, 2010

Actor - Heath L / Guns


Hi and welcome to livewireicons. I formerly was walkwiththedead and posted all of my icons at tragic_icons but I thought it was time for a fresh start in general. I hope to post more often than I did over the last year at both of these new journals. Please make sure you read the rules, and enjoy the icons and use whatever you'd like!

I am still working on getting this place set up but please join or friend the community to keep up with my updates. Thanks and hope you enjoy the new community :)
Movie - Batman / Joker Colors


I am currently looking for all new affiliates for livewireicons. If you are interested in becoming affiliates please comment here and give me a link to your icon journal or community. I am currently only interested in personal graphics/icon communities/journals. Thank you for your interest :)
Movie - Batman / Joker Colors


If you have a suggestion of someone/something you would like me to make icons of please comment here. I do not do personal requests... if you have some ideas and I use them, they will be posted in a public post for everyone to see and use so please keep that in mind! Thank you.